VIDEO: YouTube pick of the week

Matt Wilper

The point of this article is to weed out the bad YouTube videos and bring you the ones worth watching. With the ARGO being all about music, I have chosen a music video for this week’s YouTube Pick. The music video that I have chosen is Creed’s new video for “Rain.”

“Rain” is the first hit from the bands new album Full Circle that was released Oct. 27. It’s great to hear new music from the band; it’s been eight years since their last album, “Weathered.”

The music video is very simple and done in the usual Creed style, meaning the focus of thewhole video is on the band, while scenic land and sky are in the background. If you don’t believe me, watch other Creed videos like “With Arms Wide Open” and “One Last Breath.”

In the “Rain” video, the band plays below a video screen of rain and clouds. There is no story line to the video, it’s just different shots and angles of the band playing. It is one of the simplest videos I have ever seen. That being said, there is no reason for story lines when you have good lyrics like Creed does.