Bod Squad seats still available

Robert Burkett

Walking around the campus at Washburn an observer might think that there were more Jayhawk or Wildcat fans on campus than Washburn students. One student organization is attempting to change that culture.

Bod Squad, as the student spirit organization is known, is an organization that has striven for more student engagement in Washburn athletics since its inception. The organization’s past is as colorful as some of its members have been this year during games.

“Two students, Patrick Vogelsburg and Dennis Bohm had gone down to Emporia for the big rivalry game,” said Taylor McGown, president of Bod Squad. “After the game they went to a bar in Emporia dressed out in Washburn stuff and were told by the bar owner to leave before they could finish their drink. That night after getting back to Topeka they heard that the bar burned down. The whole incident kind of inspired the creation of Bod Squad.”

After Vogelsburg and Bohm graduated and moved on Bod Squad disappeared for a while until McGown and some other students chose to pick up the mantle and carry on the tradition.

“I’m only a sophomore right now so I really hope we can continue to build on what we are doing so that it’ll be an organization that keeps going after [those that are in Bod Squad now] graduate and move on,” said McGown.

Aside from the tradition of the club other events have helped to grow the club. Several Washburn athletic events have seen special promotions as a more regular fixture of game day.

“We’ve done several T-shirt giveaways as well as tailgates before football games this year and provided food for Bod Squad members before one of the basketball games so far,” said McGown.

As for some of the more memorable events that have happened this year one in particular sticks out.

“One of our conference opponents were visiting during football season and the student section got so loud with noise makers that administration officials had to come over and tell us to hold it down,” said McGown. “It was really impressive and really showed, I think, our passion for Washburn sports.”

Among the several events coming up on the horizon is a planned bus trip to Emporia for the traditional rivalry game.

“We’ve partnered up with Washburn Student Government Association and Greek Council to get buses reserved for students to not only just get to Emporia,” said McGown, “but also get pizza and tickets for the game as well.”

Anyone who is still interested in attending the Emporia State game and getting a ride on the Bod Squad bus should stop in the WSGA office to pick up forms that need to be filled out to reserve a seat.