No bust for ‘Battle of Berrics’

Mike Goehring

March is a time when people fill out their brackets for college basketball and this season has been an upset for most people’s brackets even including the president. But one bracket isn’t viewed as much. It is one skateboarders follow known as “Battle of the Berrics.”

If you are not familiar with this battle, it consists of pro skateboarders who compete one-on-one in a game of SKATE. The game of SKATE is based on the basketball game of HORSE.  The first skater attempts a trick, and if they land it, everyone else has to land it. If the first skateboarder makes it and the second does not, they get the letter “S.” This is repeated until one of the skateboarders spells out the word SKATE.

The “Battle of the Berrics” volumes one and two are available to be viewed on and the third battle will be starting soon so keep checking back. You can also find other professional and local skateboarding videos at this site, which is very well organized.

Another set of awesome videos can be found in the “Battle Commander” section where you will find a full session of professionals that have competed in the “Battle of the Berrics.” Chris Cole is one of the pros to have a video in the “Battle Commander” section and it is outstanding. The skating flows along with the music and you can almost feel the energy of the skateboarding at hand.

Prepare yourself for the Battle of the Berrics three seeing how skateboarding continues to evolve more and more every year. You can even buy your own skateboard and play some games of SKATE with your friends while you wait for new videos from the pros to surface.

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