Washburn Junior Day draws future Ichabods to campus

For high school students, choosing a college can be a very tough decision. Washburn tried to make that decision easier for students by hosting Ichabod Junior Day.

The event featured an information fair, various presentations on Washburn student life and housing, the opportunity to explore different academic majors available at WU and a campus tour.

Audry Enos, a junior from Harrisonville, Mo., was the only out-of-state student to attend Junior Day.  Enos was impressed with the overall presentation put on by Washburn.  Her attendance reassured her that Washburn was her college of choice.

“Everyone was very nice and they presented everything perfectly,” Enos said. “I really liked how everyone knows a lot about the college and throughout the day they were

giving fun facts about Washburn and the Ichabods.”

The event started out with an information fair that included various booths describing Washburn student life.  Student Activities and Greek Life was represented along with the Washburn ROTC program.  Washburn admissions counselor Priscilla Samarripa helped recruit students to the event. Samarripa was pleased with the turnout and believes they accomplished the event’s overall goal. 

“This event gave students an overview of what Washburn is about and what their college experience will look like at WU,” Samarripa said.

Current Washburn senior Angel Romero gave a speech about his experience at Washburn. Romero talked about Washburn student life, various activities and groups to participate in and why he has enjoyed his past four years at WU.

Some of the students on the visit were impressed with finding out information about Washburn they did not know before they stepped on campus. Austin Bailey, a junior from Fort Scott High School plans to major in engineering. He had not known about the pre-engineering program that Washburn offers until hearing about it in one of the presentations provided at Junior Day.

“I was surprised because when most think of Washburn they think of their law and business programs,” Bailey said. “I had no idea they had a pre-engineer program, but now knowing that they do, it puts Washburn at the top of my list.”

To wrap up the event, Washburn provided the students a campus tour. The tour provided students an opportunity to look at different classrooms, recreation centers and residential living.

Chris Herman, a junior also from Fort Scott, came away impressed with the event.

“I came to see if Washburn is right for me,” Herman said. “This Junior Day assured me to keep Washburn on the top of my college list.”