Victoria Smith wins Open Mic Night second year in a row

Leah Jamison , Indigo Magazine Editor in Chief

The annual Washburn University Open Mic Night was especially appropriate for this year’s WUSIC homecoming theme, and Washburn students took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The event took place in the Mabee Library Tuesday, Oct. 23 as part of the homecoming festivities. All types of acts, including comedy, dance, poetry, and drama, were welcome, but this year’s roster only yielded musical performances. Performers for the night included: Dan Albertson, Peyton White, Alexis Gaudreau, Mayela Campa, Victoria Smith, Isaac Bird, Ariel Sherer, Jude Stacey, and Reece Warren.

“My favorite performance was the “Shallow” duet that turned into a rap,” said Alex Pheigaru, a freshman computer information science major.

Bird and Sherer represented the FYE Peer Educators, and started their performance with a soulful rendition of “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Bird surprised the audience when he suddenly transitioned into the rap “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

Sigma Alpha Iota’s Victoria Smith took first place for the second year in a row, this time performing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys.

“I am very grateful that I was able to perform and win for the second year in a row. You never know what happens during things like this. Next year at this event, it will be my last semester before graduating, so I plan on going for three years in a row,” said Smith.

Smith took home $100 Bod Bucks for first place. Stacey and Warren of Sigma Phi Epsilon received $50 Bod Bucks for their performance of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Gaudreau of Delta Gamma was rewarded $25 Bod Bucks for her Ariana Grande performance in third place.

“My favorite act of the night was Dan Albertson’s act. Dan and I go way back, and we are both pretty competitive people, so getting to go up against him was electrifying! He has a great voice, and I never get to hear it because he is usually behind a marimba. It was amazing to listen to him,” said Smith.     

Albertson performed “Evermore” from the live action “Beauty and the Beast.”

FYE Librarian Stephen Woody served as the master of ceremonies for the night. The panel of judges was a team made up of faculty and staff members Cynthia Holthaus, Joseph Tinsley, and Jack Van Dam. Although there were several different factors considered to determine the winners, audience reaction was the most important.

“Open Mic Night is a great experience for anyone who likes to perform, and a whole lot of fun for the crowd. This was my second year as part of an act, and I love participating in this event and seeing the awesome skills of other Washburn students,” said Bird, one of the performers for the night.

Those interested in performing at Open Mic Night can look forward to next year’s homecoming. Students can perform by themselves or as part of a group.

Edited by Jackson Woods, Jada Johnson, Jason Morrison