Editorial: We decided to change things up for Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to create a special edition of the paper. After a lot of deliberating on what we wanted to do to make this issue special we decided that a Harry Potter theme would be appropriate.

In years past, we typically add a pumpkin here and there. Back in 2017, The Review modeled the Halloween special edition after the popular film “Sleepy Hollow.”

As you can see, our front page looks completely different than our usual form. Hopefully, most readers will understand what we were going for. If not, if you search for the Harry Potter newspaper on a search engine, their newspaper will pop up and you’ll be able to see the similarities.

To keep on theme, we decided to rename the headers of each section as well. News is: Muggle News, the Opinion page is: Ministry Affairs, the Puzzles page is: Mischief Managed, Arts and Living is: Elixir of Life, Features (page six) is: Magical Me, Features (page seven) is Diagon Alley – a nod to our full-page ad, and the Sports page is: The Broomstick Report. And then, of course, we changed the name of the paper this week to The Weekly Ichabod.

We truly hope that you enjoy reading this creative issue of the paper as much as we enjoyed making it. And if you’re a new reader, please stick around for next week’s issue when we return the paper back to its normal style.