Koyotes showcase Brill, Wrecke

Bods back Former Bods Jordan Brill (10) and Justin Wrecke (7) put on an offensive spectacle during the season opener.

Josh Cauthon

Brill to Wrecke, Brill to Wrecke. That is all you would have heard Saturday, April 17, at the Kansas Koyotes’ home opener.

The home opener was a success for the Koyotes as they beat the Kansas City Bulldogs 78-6. The big success though was getting the offense where it needed to be, and getting quarterback Jordan Brill on a roll.

“I thought we were going to struggle a bit, on offense, but we kept it simple. I really wanted to get Jordan comfortable with the offense, and he is there for sure, his performance was great,” said Jim Green, head coach for the Koyotes.

Brill, a former Washburn quarterback, had a highlight reel all to himself Saturday. He completed 16 throws and threw for seven touchdowns in the first half alone. His favorite target, also a former Washburn graduate, Justin Wrecke caught four of those touchdowns.

Wrecke’s highlight reel was full that night as well, including a one-handed grab in the end zone and 12 catches in the first half.

“Everything worked that night with these two guys,” said Green. “Wrecke gets open, he finds space and gets the ball. Brill took control of the offense and really picked it up. I am looking forward to seeing them do this all season. We as a team just need to get better in practice, and the guys certainly do that. We just can’t look past anyone and take it one game at a time.”

During the game it was all smiles for the Koyotes owners. A good sized crowd was present to watch the Koyotes start the season. Their only worry was to get this first game wrapped up.

“We really needed to knock the rust off, and tonight we sure did that,” said Ralph Adams, president of the Koyotes. “We are off to a great start. We have a tough regular season ahead, but we need to keep working hard and our coaches will make sure of that. We sure love all this Ichabod talent. They have always done real well for us.”

With the high powered offense lead by Brill and Wrecke, along with a dominating defense they showed in the opener, the Koyotes look tough to stop. The next game is May 1.