Finals week increases alcohol consumption among students

Energy drink and liquor sales are skyrocketing, parties are being planned and late nights are becoming the norm. This can only mean one thing in the academic year: finals.

Finals is that last marathon of studying, drinking, then more studying and drinking before friends move home for the summer. Some students study less than normal, some study more, depending on their outlook.

“Some study more to ensure they know everything they need to for each class,” said Junior Ross Wilke of the Art Institutes International Kansas City. “Some study less because they don’t believe they are going to become any smarter than they already are in a couple days.” Wilke said he doesn’t drink during finals and his nights are extended from doing projects and studying for exams.

But this isn’t the case for all students. For some there is no reason to eliminate all fun.

“Get everything done in one night, and the next night I go out and have fun,” said Washburn senior Dustin Yeager. He said his philosophy keeps him from getting too stressed out. He thinks the best plan is to study for awhile, take a break and later come back to it. The end goal is retaining the information.

“Finals drives students to drink,” said Jeff Grace, owner of Grace’s Liquor. Grace said he sees his sales shoot through the roof during finals week.

Another establishment that sees more visitors during finals is Mabee Library, which keeps its doors open for five days of 24-hour operation. Availability of library hours and WSGA-supported activities ensure students all have opportunities for success during finals.

For senior Brian Clark, finals are spread out enough to allow for some fun.

“You can drink more during the week if there is no final the next day,” said Clark whose finals strategy is simple and last-minute. “Cram the night before, wake up early and cram some more.”

The increase in alcohol consumption versus campus activities makes one wonder how students are preparing for the most important tests of their semester.

“It seems to be a theme across the Midwest that partying is the best prep for finals,” said Junior Molly Dougherty of William Woods University.

Washburn senior Katie Duncan said the increase in alcohol consumption helps students relax and unwind between studying, all while celebrating the end of the semester.

While drinking may not be the best way to prepare for finals, it seems to be the best solution for a majority of college students around the area. So whatever the philosophy, every student must come up with the best solution to fit their study habits.