Bods lose to Bronchos

Jacob Weaver

Washburn’s annual homecoming football game had a large number of fans show up to cheer on the Ichabods Saturday, Oct. 26. Fans were interested in seeing who would be crowned king and queen. The most eventful part of the game was the last minute which left everyone on the edge of their seats.

Ichabods started the first quarter strong with a touchdown from Taylon Peters, who ran 15 yards into the end zone with 10:47 remaining. Washburn’s defense stopped Central Oklahoma from scoring a touchdown, but their kicker was able to punt the ball and score three points. Throughout the rest of the quarter, the Ichabods and Bronchos were unable to make it through one another’s defenses and were forced to punt the ball back and forth.

Washburn sacked the quarterback in the fourth down to regain possession during the beginning of the second quarter. The Bronchos were able to get a team safety against the Ichabods, which made the score 7-5. The half ended with a sack from the Ichabods and the Bronchos punted the ball.

The third quarter went much faster with Washburn’s defensive back intercepting the ball. Unfortunately, a flag was played against the Ichabods for holding and the Bronchos kept possession. The Bronchos scored a touchdown at 12:29 and put the Ichabods behind in a 7-12 deficit. Washburn was unable to break through Central Oklahoma’s defense and were forced to punt the ball to make the score 10-12. Another punt by Washburn’s kicker put them just ahead of Central Oklahoma 13-12. To end the quarter the Bronchos scored off a two yard run and made the extra point. The Ichabods fell behind.

A 32-yard pass by Washburn’s quarterback sent Jace Williams running down the field and into the end zone. The Ichabods, who took the lead, punted the ball near the end of the game and gave possession to the Broncos. Washburn stopped the Bronchos near the end zone and had one final play to stop the Broncos from making a field goal. With only three seconds left in the game the Bronchos scored a field goal and moved ahead of the Ichabods. The final score was 20-22.

Running back Taylon Peters is a business major who started the game strong with a touchdown to secure the lead. Though he is not happy about his team’s loss he does not dwell on the past and looks forward to their next game.

β€œIt’s tough but we have to come back next week and respond to it,” said Peters.

Quarterback Mitch Shurig is a physical education major and assisted in Washburn’s second touchdown of the game. Mitch was upset about the loss and the circumstances they were in and hopes to help his team out in the future.

β€œIt’s tough to take especially on our home turf and during homecoming. The defense had our backs all game, and as an offense we need to put out more points to help them out,” said Shurig.

Edited by Jada Johnson, Adam White, Jason Morrison