Business majors receive high marks on field test

This past summer, several seniors in the Washburn University School of Business, placed in the 80th percentile on the major field test in business.

 “This is a national standardized exam that is given to approximately 600 business schools in the nation, so when our students are scoring in that top 25 percent we view that as a pretty big deal. The comparative data that we are given show us that the number of examinees that are included in this data is 132,647 students, out of that many students they are in the top 25 percent,” said Stacy Woltje, Academic Advisor, School of Business.

There were 10 students at Washburn who placed in the 25th percent in the nation, scored an average 159 out of 200, and placed Washburn in the top 20 percent nationwide. Only seniors were allowed to take the exam.

The students in the program were not given any preparation work for the exam. The test was multiple choice and covered both business questions and general education questions.

“We don’t really do anything in preps at all for the exam, they just complete their business course requirements and we do this in our castel course, to kind of measure what they have learned in completing our degree requirements,” said Woltje.

Darcy Allen, an accounting and finance major, followed the recommendations and didn’t study but still recalled a lot of the material.

“A lot of the questions, I found myself going ‘oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.’ Even whether I didn’t exactly know if the answer I was giving was correct, I still remembered it,” said Allen.

Alyse Jackson was also one of the ten students. She’d recommend the school to anyone.

“I would recommend the School of Business to any person considering a business major, said Jackson in an e-mail. “Our [Association to Advance College Schools of Business] accreditation is one of the many advantages Washburn [School of Business] has compared to the other universities in our state. 

“The faculty is very knowledgeable and willing to assist students outside of class time.  The advising and support staff in the School of Business office is very helpful.”.

With all the recognition Washburn University received for their excellent School of Business, several local donors showed their support.

“We have had donors from the community actually providing scholarship money after our students did so well on the exam,” said Woltje.