Adam’s answer to cheating boyfriends

Adam Hirsh

Dear Adam,

I recently got a “promise ring” from my boyfriend.  I love him with all my heart, even with his faults.  However, recently I have learned that he cheated on me. I don’t know what to do.

A part of me wants to kill him and a part of me wants to forgive him.

Hopelessly in love


Dear Hopelessly in love,

You have to make a decision. You can accept your boyfriend’s infidelity and continue to date him or you can dump “Rude Boy” to the lyric’s of: “You put on quite a show.”

Personally, I would kick your man to the curb if his infidelity is not fiction. After all, what lies ahead for your future?  What if you marry this person and they continue to cheat? Think about it.

What if there is another great guy out there but you are still attached to Mr. Infidelity and you allow them to slip through the cracks?

My experience tells me that love is like a card game.  You have your jokers, aces and sometimes a real king.  It’s time to put on your poker face and decide which one your current man is.