‘Rumors’ comes to Washburn

Elise Barnett

Students and professors alike are working harder than ever in the Washburn theatre department with the premiere of the Neil Simon comedy “Rumors” fast approaching.

This fun-loving comedy about the confusion, mystery and, of course, rumors, is sure to delight audiences this month.

Stage manager Brenda Blackman has been working diligently to make sure that everything is technically “show ready” and the actors have long since memorized their lines.

The Washburn production of “Rumors” will star Brandon Blick, Jon Rowland, Samantha Heath, Nancy Morgan, Neil Thompson, Tommy Guffey, Arissa Utemark and other talented Washburn students.

“I am excited to work on a comedy,” said Utemark.  “It is stimulating both intellectually and as an actor.  It can be easier to get your message across if you have a light-hearted delivery.”

“Rumors,” opens Nov. 12 and follows four couples through an alarming dilemma, as they meet for a dinner party only to discover that their host, the deputy mayor, has shot himself through the ear lobe and various house residents and staff are missing.

Due to their high profile status, they decide to hide the true events from the police and the media. This becomes increasingly harder as they can’t remember who has said what to whom.

“I have worked with a couple of the cast members in previous productions,” said Utemark. “Them [the other cast members] being friends of mine and the script allows us to get along behind the curtain and on stage.”

This elaborate farce is a comedic change of pace from the serious dramas that have graced the Andrew J. and Georgia Neese Gray Theatre in past seasons.

“I get to work with a great cast and a great director,” said Utemark.  “It will be a great show.”

With classic Neil Simon wit and Washburn talent, the show is destined to be well worth the $8 ticket price for community members and Washburn students can see the play for free with their student ID.

For more information regarding times, dates, or directions visit the Washburn University theatre department website at www.washburn.edu/cas/theartre and click on the productions tab.