Volleyball Bods have the advantage against Bronchos

Jacob Weaver

The Ichabods are ready to keep the lead in every set against the Bronchos to ultimately win the match against Central Oklahoma University.

The University of Central Oklahoma women’s volleyball team came to Topeka to play against the Ichabods. The Bronchos started the game with a serve directly into the net, giving the Ichabods an early lead which they were able to keep against Central Oklahoma for the entire first set. The ending score was 25-16 for the Ichabods with a block from number eight, Allison Maxwell.

Though Washburn was unable to get the first point in the second set they were capable of bringing the score back in their favor. With a spike from number one, Genna Berg putting them ahead 9-8. Washburn was strong enough to maintain a lead against the Bronchos and close out the second set with a major lead of 25-13, a win for the Ichabods and a great position to be in going into the third set.

Maxwell kicks the third set off with a strong slam into the back of the court. She later has another slam in the middle of the court putting Washburn in the lead 4-0. After a six point lead the Bronchos were able to catch up to the Ichabods 14-12. Though they are never able to have a solid lead against the Ichabods, they never seem to be far behind. Berg scored a point for Washburn putting them into match point against Central Oklahoma. The Ichabods were able to secure the third set and finish the match against the Bronchos 3-0 in a well played match from both sides.

Allison Maxwell is an outside hitter for the Ichabods and majors in exercise science and rehab. With another win in their season Maxwell and her team always look forward to their next match.

“We had more time to prepare. We usually just focus on the team ahead of us,” said Maxwell. 

Washburn’s outside hitter Genna Berg is a health and fitness motion major who had a great game and can adapt to her surroundings. Teams are never the same and preparing for them is something Berg and her team are always ready for. 

“It’s always going to be different. Different teams, different athletes that you have to scout, and we just have to prepare differently for each one. We prepared heavily on their outsides because they are reliant on them,” said Berg.

Edited by Jessica Galvin, Adam White, Brianna Smith