We Came as Romans came as unknowns

Richard Kelly

Even though you know people liked them before you, ever have an experience where the band you thought was going to hit big explodes after you find out about them?

Enter: We Came as Romans. WCAR, as they’re abbreviated, is a post-hardcore band out of Michigan with some of the most inspirational and hopeful lyrics I’ve ever read. That’s saying a lot, if you know much music I listen to.

Now, while the band put out an EP titled Demonstrations before I found out about them, I discovered their EP Dreams in early 2009 with my first song heard being “Dreams.” Now, when Kyle Pavone, their clean singer, begins the song with “This is my deepest dream/this is how I show my love, my love,” it’s obvious that there’s some computer work done to his voice. It just sounds…too perfect. But, needless to say, this doesn’t deter me as a listener. Dave Stephens soon comes in with his screamed vocals which remind me a little of Sky Eats Airplane’s early screams on their Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day EP.

The Dreams EP is short and sweet, only lasting four songs, but fulfilling the listener with eat, incorporating electronic elements into their music and providing the listener with plenty of hope.

Now, I mentioned at the beginning about hitting big. When I found out about WCAR, I didn’t really know anyone here in Topeka, Kan. that knew a darn thing about the band, let alone, had ever seen them live.

Fast forward two years. The band has since signed to Equal Vision Records, which is also home to Chiodos, Texas in July, Pierce the Veil, and plenty more equally talented bands. They have also released their first full-length album To Plant a Seed and are confirmed for Warped Tour 2011. Oh, and did I mention….they’re finally coming near Topeka in less than a month.

That’s right, We Came as Romans are coming to the Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Mo. for an already SOLD OUT show with A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, and the aforementioned Pierce the Veil. Talk about a dream come true.

Now the song “Dreams” says to me “this is my deepest dream/ this is how I finally see WCAR, WCAR.” Viewing their live performances, the band shows such optimism and such energy on the stage. Pavone’s vocals are easily a little rough compared to their EP and LP, but nothing is ever as perfect live as it is in the studio.

More importantly, people are learning their message and the band hasn’t sold out to an image.

Also, check out “Rock N’ No Soul” by I Am Abomination if the chance presents itself. Stephens just may make a guest vocal appearance.

Regardless, make your way to Warped Tour 2011 if you didn’t get your ticket to the Beaumont Club show.

You won’t regret it.