VIDEO: K-STEP creates awareness

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Ally Beyond the Basics K-STEP transgender panel presentation took place on February 11, 2011 at Washburn University.  Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project is a group of transgender people and other supporters who are dedicated to providing education across Kansas with respect to transgender issues, truths, and journeys.

K-STEP’s purpose is to provide education across Kansas for local health agencies, police departments, employers, and more.  

Four different people came in to talk to Washburn students, faculty and staff about their journey and what it is like to live in today’s society as a transgender

Paula Keiser an independent broadcast media professional who has transitioned from male to female says that one of the biggest problems societies faces today is labeling others.

Washburn student and executive director of K-STEP Stephanie Mott says that everything is harder when you are a transgender.

Keiser says that the hardest part during the transition was losing her family.

Mott says that her main focus for K-STEP is to create awareness and education to others.

Keiser says that in the last twenty years society is beginning to move in a more positive direction in accepting transgender people.

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