Final event for No Name Calling Week brings closure

Nicholas Birdsong

Washburn’s No Name Calling Week ended on Friday with “Cookies, Cocoa and Conversation.” The final event served as a platform to honor Bill Roach, a Washburn Professor who has dedicated years to advancing LGBT rights.

Roach has acted as advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals during much of his 28 years at Washburn University. Some of the work that he has done includes his research on domestic partnerships and assisting with scholarships for LGBT individuals.

“I thought, we can not let his retirement pass without recognizing the formidable force that he has been at the university for diversity,” said Nancy Maxwell, professor at the Washburn Law School and faculty advisor for the Gay Straight Legal Alliance. “He has made a difference in the lives of law students and the faculty with his various awards and other offers to help at every level.”

Keeping true to the title of the event, cookies and cocoa were available to attendees as guests informally mingled after the presentation. The event presented an opportunity not only to honor an advocate for GLBT individuals, but also to stand as an example for future allies and advocates.

“He is a very inspirational person,” said Katie McMullen, Washburn Law student and member of the executive board for the Gay Straight Legal Alliance. “He has such a fantastic way of framing the issues. Doctor Roach’s advocacy has and will have a lasting impact on Washburn Law students for many years to come.”