Alpha Delta philanthropy week

Alyssa Storm , Washburn Review Editor in Chief

On the week of October 28 through November 1, the Alpha Delta Fraternity had their annual philanthropy week. On Wednesday October 30th, Alpha Delta partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings and had a percentage night, if you showed them the invitation, 20% of your bill will be sent to Sheltered Living Topeka. “Since we’re a local fraternity supporting a local organization, they gave us 20% instead of the usual 10% of profits back,” said Jaden Leffler a member of Alpha Delta. Some of the greek community at Washburn University went to take part in helping the community. 

The next day, October 31st, they also had a charity event, Pie an Alpha Delta. It’s just like it sounds, for $3, you could through a tin foil pan of whip cream in the face of the Alpha Delta of your choice. Even in the cold of the day, and the rush in between classes, there was still a good crowd of people who wanted to help charity and see some action. Tommy Justice, a senior computer information and science major, pied Alpha Delta President,Colton Martin, because “I’ve known Colton since middle school.” There were many people during the lunch hour who came to show support; there was an Alpha Phi invasion, a group of Phi’s were feeling generous and wanted to pie them in a group. Another girl spent $15 to pie 5 of the Alpha Delta’s one after another, she exclaimed, “it was worth the $15!” Professor Chris Jones of religious studies said, I wanted to raise money for charity. Specifically, I wanted to pie Jaden.” They even got donations without having to get pied, and some people bought for their friends to pie. 

“Half of it [the money] goes directly to the same charity and the other half is being used to build a basket for festival trees to be auctioned off to also support the same charity,” said Leffler. For the students and faculty members it was a win win, they get to enjoy some wings and throw whip cream in the face of a fellow Washburn student, and they were able to help a local charity.