SRWC more than just weight room


With obesity and diabetes on the rise in America, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center refuses to stand idly by.  In doing its part to promote health and wellness, the SRWC offers several group exercise classes to burn fat and build muscle, including yoga, power yoga, Zumba, cycling, turbo kick, core exercises, and variations thereof.

Ben Saathoff, assistant director of fitness and wellness explains the different types of classes offered.

“Yoga class is the more traditional type of yoga class, mind and body type exercise,” said Saathoff.  “Power yoga is more yoga movements at a faster pace to build up more muscle endurance and muscle strength training. So you go from a downward-facing dog to a cobra in sequence in power yoga.  You build up the sequence from there.  With a regular yoga class, you move more gracefully, more fluidly at a slower pace to get that deep stretch.”

Some may be unfamiliar with Zumba, an aerobic exercise routine which features dancing to Latin and international music at faster and slower intervals depending on the rhythm of the music.

“It’s a very fun, energetic class,” said Saathoff.  “You’re learning new dance moves from all around the world.  Our Zumba instructor is recently new, and she’s enjoying it.”

According to Saathoff, the classes are an excellent way for experienced fitness enthusiasts to stay in shape and curious beginners to start.

“Everybody and anybody is able to come to these classes,” said Saathoff.  “You’re going to find what you’re looking for.  You’re going to find that higher intensity that you’re looking for.  Beginners want to learn some tips about exercise and fitness as well from the instructors.

“As long as you go in and communicate with the instructor, you’re saying that you’re a beginner, they’ll help you get started.  You come in and say you’re a little more advanced, they’ll help you to modify your workout.”

There is no one type of person who only attends one type of class, and Saathoff encourages people to take multiple classes to help benefit strength training and aerobics.

In addition to just the exercise, Saathoff says there are further benefits to participating in the group exercise classes and how easy it is to start a new hobby.

“It’s a great place to socialize,” said Saathoff.  “You don’t have to plan your workout.  You can show up, and the instructor will tell you what to do and you’ll follow along.  So it’s a great motivation tool.”