Ichabod Football wins 3 in a row in a 57-41 win against the Lopers

Lou Collobert , Freelancer

The Washburn Ichabods traveled up to Kearney, Nebraska to take on the Lopers of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The Ichabods dominated the first half scoring off of their first 7 possessions. The Ichabods made their first touchdown with 12:09 to play, otherwise known as in the first 3 minutes of the game. At half-time the Ichabods were up 41-14. The Lopers made a good start in the second half, but were held on a fourth-down attempt at the Ichabod 21-yard line, setting the Ichabods up to march down the field in a 79-yard drive. The Lopers rallied but could not get any traction against the Ichabods. The final score was 57-41.

The Ichabods had 343 yards on the ground in 46 different plays, while holding the Lopers to only 272 yards on the ground, well under the Lopers season average of 344 yards. In total for the Ichabods they had 9.4 yards per play, coming in second in school history. The total Ichabod offense yards was 657 yards. That is a bit more than running up and down the football field six and half times.