Camp War Eagle soars to campus

Abbie Barth, Copy Editor and Freelance Reporter

Camp War Eagle will be in the Memorial Union Wednesday through Friday to encourage students to apply to work at the Arkansas camp this summer.

Camp War Eagle is a Christian sports and adventure camp for children and teens ages 6-17 in Northwest Arkansas.

According to assistant director of the camp Micah Moore, the camp began in 2005. Their mission is to serve kids with socially, economically and culturally diverse backgrounds, with a special focus on kids from underserved backgrounds.

Abby Stenzel, junior kinesiology and PTA major, worked at Camp War Eagle two summers ago for eight weeks. She believes that this camp is important because of how it impacts the kids.

“A lot of them come from impoverished homes so they don’t get all the love that we get. So just being able to share with them is special,” said Stenzel.

At first, she was on the fence about doing the camp.

“Originally, I thought that it was way too far away because it’s like six hours away, but I just really felt like God was calling me to work with kids and I absolutely love being outside, sports, and those kinds of things,” said Stenzel.

It ended up becoming an enriching time for both the campers and Stenzel.

“When you make decisions like these, it’s stepping out of your comfort zone that makes you grow the most… I grew so much in my faith but also had the opportunity to share it with the kids,” said Stenzel.

Michael Jueneman, junior exercise and rehabilitation science major, worked as a counselor for 10 weeks at Camp War Eagle. He wanted to join the team because he wanted a unique experience that he probably can’t have after he graduates.

“I had a couple friends that went the summer before and I just felt like I’m only young for so long and I only have so many summers left. I want to be able to do fun things while I’m young and not working full-time. So, I figured it’d be a fun job. My friends loved it, so I just went for it,” said Jueneman.

When he first went to the camp he only knew one person. He is now planning to go back this summer.

“[My favorite part] one hundred percent was the friendships I made. I went down there only knowing one person… and now I’m still friends with tons of people from there,” said Jueneman.

Staff at Camp War Eagle get paid $200 a week and their food and lodging is free. The minimum requirement of time to dedicate each summer is six weeks, and that includes two weeks of training.

For any interest in applying or for more information, email Moore at [email protected], or stop by their table in the Union this week.

Edited By Brianna Smith, Adam White, Jessica Galvin