Athletes train, travel during summer break

In modern society, summer is synonymous with good times in the sun with friends. Hollywood studios roll out their most anticipated films and the hottest musical acts put on their biggest tours.

While many around the world spent their summer indulging in pleasures, Washburn athletes had to balance fun with preparing for their upcoming seasons, starting in September.

“I did some lifting during the weeks,” said Washburn volleyball and basketball player Sami McHenry. “Then I worked out with a trainer guy and did agilities and speed work.”

Though volleyball comes first for McHenry in the schedule, she refuses to rest on her laurels for both activities.

“I’m trying and failing to focus on volleyball, but the training is pretty much for both sports,” said McHenry.

Outside of training for the new season, McHenry has kept up by competing as a member of the Lady Blues and also independent from them.

“We actually played in the Sunflower State Games, which we won,” said McHenry. “I also played in a coed volleyball game, which I won, too.”

With both of her teams poised to have big seasons and the hard being put in, it is understandable that McHenry would take a break from all the training for some time to herself.

“I went to Branson, Mo., with my whole family, and then I went up to New York and New Jersey for a weekend,” said McHenry. “New York is pretty crazy. I don’t think I’d want to live there, but it’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of things to do.

“Branson’s a really good family vacation, because my 2-year-old nephew was able to go, so we had a lot of fun with that.”

Aside from staying in fighting shape, the Lady Blues also offered their services to training camps on campus over the summer to help fledgling athletes.

“That was a lot of fun,” said senior volleyball player Courtney Wallman. “It’s a great way to remember the basics while training the kids.”

Even Wallman was not immune to needing time away from volleyball. After spending so much time in the weight room and on the court, Wallman hit the road with some friends for a trip to the Sunshine State of Florida.

“It was great,” said Wallman. “We got a house right on the beach, and I got to see the ocean.”