VIDEO: Sex Ed event leaves impression

Sex. Be honest with yourself, that one word was all it took for you to be interested in this article, wasn’t it?

That’s all it took for almost 200 of Washburn’s students to be interested in attending last nights presentation: “Sex Ed Bootcamp.” The program’s creators, Sexologists: Dr. Joni Frater & Esther Lastique, know what they’re talking about.

Both women are best-selling authors and have been interviewed by over 300 media outlets, including Playboy and Maxum magazine. With a fair warning, the censors came down and the audience was given the cold, hard truth—literally.

Sex-Ed Bootcamp, according to Frater, was built around the goal that the audience leaves with the accurate information about their bodies and the true information no one wants to talk about.

“What we’re really trying to come across with is the knowledge that your body belongs to you and that you need to know what to do with it, for it,” said Frater. “We want you to love your body, inside and out.”

Both women are huge believers in monopolizing the opportunity to have the program be presented to college students.

“We believe in abstinence with education because, come on, everyone chooses to have sexual intercourse at one point or another in their lifetime,” said Lastique. “We want students to be educated on this topic so that they can be happy when that time in their life comes.”

When asked for a basic description about their program, the sexologists described it as a very interesting and different type of sexual program.

“We focus on informing the student body anything we can cover: the basic anatomy, STD protection, barrier protection and technique,” said Lastique. “If you’re going to be sexual with another person, we want you to know how to maximize your pleasure while staying safe.”

Frater added that with every campus presentation, the two women speak personally with the health departments in the hopes of customizing their lesson based upon each campus’s statistics.

An hour and a half of productive talking, inappropriate jokes made in the audience and valuable lessons from Frater and Lastique had the entire audience enjoying themselves as the program covered everything starting with the basics: self-love, protective practices, hints about talking things through with your sexual partner, pleasurable tricks, the right way and the wrong way to doing things and more mature content that will not be mentioned.

“As our first time in Kansas, we really enjoyed speaking with the Washburn students who came to see our presentation,” said Lastique.