WSGA Freshman Elections kicks off

It’s that time of year again, when the door-to-door visitations start and campaign ads begin to show up in every mailbox, Washburn Student Government Association’s 2011 freshman elections are underway.

      WSGA Chief-of-Staff Eric Benedict, a junior majoring in political science and economics, stated that in the freshmen elections, 30 petitions are usually turned in to be on the ballad but this year it’s 10 petitions. That means that 10 students are bidding for five freshmen spots in WSGA. Some of the current candidates running for freshman senate are Zachary Phillips, Micah Offerman, Anthony Ho, Bryce Ruble, Katherine Bunting, Anthony Everett and Randi McAfee.

      To become a representative in student government, a candidate needed to pick up a petition from the student government office in the basement of the Memorial union. The candidate would then have to obtain 50 freshman signatures on the petition to be officially in the ballad. 

The freshmen elections officially began today at 8 a.m. and continue until Thursday at 5 p.m. During the election, freshmen students will be able to vote for the candidate of their choice in the union.

      The candidates began campaigning for positions starting this past Friday. Campaigning by flyer, word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter are allowed. Candidates cannot give away T-shirts or other gifts beyond a campaign button. No more than 20 posters per building are allowed and no campaigning in teams. The most common methods are posters, handbills, and Facebook. The candidates’ personal information will also be available for the freshmen students to look at on

One of this year’s male freshmen candidates is Zachary Phillips, double major in computer science and Spanish.

“I wanted to get involved on campus in something that would make the students here have a more rewarding and excellent experience,” said Philips. 

Daniel McElroy, double major in criminal justice and political science,  also wants to make an impact on freshman student’s experience.

“I wanted to become involved with the student government to try and improve any aspects of the university as a freshman,” said McElroy.

One of this year’s female freshmen candidates is Ashley Habiger, freshman in nursing.

“I really wanted to get into the student government because of my time on the student council in high school,” said Habiger. “I just really want my time here to be a big part of this school in being able to help the student body in any way that benefits them best.”

Katherine Bunting’s, freshman in Spanish, goal to join WSGA is something she has been planning for a while due to her interests prior to attending Washburn.

“I decided as a freshman in high school that WSGA would be one of my first extracurricular activities,” said Bunting. “I have a real passion for government and politics. I feel that politics is a realm where I’m confident, where there’s more room to grow as a student and stand for something. I believe that getting a chair in the WSGA would help me meet some of my fellow classmates and help me build a better sense of community.”