VIDEO: Comedian delivers message with laughter

Phases, almost everyone goes through one during their lifetime. Whether it is a childish phase, like carrying around a favorite toy, or a habitual phase, like smoking—it almost never has a good outcome. Especially, when the outcome is life threatening.

Bernie McGrenahan, Los Angeles Daily News’ “Most important comedian in the Country today,” knows personally about how dangerous phases, such as high risk drinking, can affect one’s life.

“At this age it’s not just a college phase,” said McGrenahan. “It’s a drinking problem.”

The presentation consists of two separate shows; a 30-minute comedy show and then a 30-minute discussion about high risk drinking.

“That’s my show,” said McGrenahan. “Come laugh and have a good time. Let’s do some comedy and relax.”

Then, after the audience has laughed and begun relaxing, McGrenahan delivers his lesson.

“Let’s deliver this serious message that has always been delivered in high school by power point slides,” said McGrenahan. “This time though, let’s make it important.”

McGrenahan began his presentation, “The Happy Hour Comedy Tour,” 14 years ago.

“I got into a lot of trouble as a kid,” said McGrenahan. “That’s what part of my show is based off of—my own past experiences and the current binge drinking and overuse of alcohol that is taking lives of students around the country.”

Though, unlike most comedians, McGrenahan has a very serious aspect to his presentation.

“I had three DUI’s by the time I was 20 years old,” said McGrenahan. “I went to jail for six months and dropped out of college in merely six months.”

His personal experience is a huge concept to what McGrenahan wishes to teach students.

“My 19 year old brother shot himself, said McGrenahan. “Alcohol and drugs are no joke.”

McGrenahan uses his personal stories in the hope of affecting one student if not many.

Senior English education major John Henderson said that  “the stories about his experiences with alcohol and how it affected him and his family personally were very powerful.”

One of the ideas behind the presentation is just for the audience to enjoy themselves.

“I want everyone to have a good time,” said McGrenahan. “But at the same time, I want students to be given the opportunity to address any problems they may or may not have at this present time with alcohol.”