Honor society tutor students

Oswego Storage and Housing is considering building a new warehouse in New York. Oswego has 2 million common shares outstanding. The shares price at $11. Assume the risk free rate equals 4.5 percent with the beta equaling .75 and the risk premium being 11.5 percent. Estimate Oswego’s required return on its equity investment on the new warehouse.

Most will admit they’d have no idea where to begin with this problem. However, there is a local organization helping students determine know not only where to start on these problems, but how to figure the entire solution.

“Beta Alpha Psi is finance and accounting society with a main goal of helping younger accounting and finance students with understanding concepts,” said Danyl Chapman, community service director of the club.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 11-1, Beta Alpha Psi is offering tutors to help these younger students.

These tutors are not just any ordinary student either. They are some of the brightest students in accounting and finance majors.

“To be involved with Beta Alpha Psi, you have to be a junior with at least 54 credit hours and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher,” said Chapman.

This includes 23 members already involved in the organization and 21 candidates looking to join within the next year.

This number of committed students to their education helps Beta Alpha Psi to maintain a schedule of events outside of just tutoring.

“We invite various CPA firms from Kansas City and Topeka area to meet and talk with us,” said Chapman. “We will also be volunteering at Harvesters in November and bowling for Junior Achievements in October.”

So, students that need help with accounting and finance, this group is more than qualified to help with any homework needs and are willing to help whenever needed.