Ichabods make comeback against Gorillas

Jacob Weaver

Saturday, Nov. 9 was senior sendoff for the Ichabods at Yager stadium. They faced off against the Pittsburg State Gorillas, a team with the same season record of five wins and five loses. The Ichabod’s were able to bring it back towards the end to finish the day off with a positive season record.

Pittsburg starts the first quarter with a 41-yard field goal, taking the lead by three points. Then they made a 9-yard run to the end zone, putting the Ichabods behind 0-10. Washburn had many attempts to score against the Gorillas, but were unable to find an opening in their defense during the first quarter. 

A solid pass from Washburn’s quarterback to wide receiver James Letcher Jr. landed a touch down for the Ichabods in the beginning of the second quarter. Though the Gorillas made another touchdown, wide receiver Jace Williams was able to answer back with a great catch in the end zone, placing the Ichabods only slightly behind. Running back Curtis Whitten, number 2, made a 2-yard run straight into the end zone to push the Ichabod’s ahead of the Gorillas. Pittsburg State ended the first half with a 10-yard run which put them ahead of Washburn. 

The second half of the game began with the Gorillas making a 5-yard run, putting them 10 points ahead. Whitten, scored again from a 15-yard run. The Ichabods were not far behind in the end of the third quarter, tailing by only three points. 

Washburn regained the lead immediately into the fourth quarter off a 3-yard run by number 21. Pittsburg made a big run down the field to score a touchdown and put themselves in the lead. The Ichabods were able to close out the game with a touchdown from Letcher and Whitten making the final score 49-38. 

Whitten is a double major in business entrepreneurship and marketing and a running back for the Washburn Ichabods. He is happy with the win and pays tribute to his former teammate Dwane Simmons. 

“Today was a big win. We just came back from a big rivalry win, and this one was especially important to us because we lost Dwane, so we wanted to win this one for him and his family,” said Whitten.

Senior linebacker Kyle Emerice, a finance major from Nebraska, changed to a power back for their game against the Gorillas. He is very happy with the win and believes their performance will help out in the playoffs. 

“Watch film, same thing every week. There is going to be a similar look and similar offense in our next game, so it should transfer pretty well,” said Emerice. 

Edited by Jessica Galvin, Adam White, Brianna Smith