Symphony Orchestra: Music to WU’s ears

It’s like music to Washburn’s ears. What better way to get a music fix then come to this Friday’s Symphony Orchestra concert? This is one of the five orchestra concerts to be held this year, and it’s free.

The Symphony Orchestra is made up of about 50 students.  This includes music majors, minors and even non majors.  “It’s a diverse body of very talented students,” said Chris Kelts, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Orchestras.

The concert will consist of classical and traditional symphony pieces.

“I pick the music according to the educational experience for players [or] if I think it will please the audience,” said Kelts.

Music composed by Wagner, Mozart and Tchaikovsky are all in the evening’s lineup.  Kelts further explains his decision making for the music by saying that some pieces include most of the instruments to make for more players. He also tried to find lesser known music with few players to give a contrast to the program.

The Symphony Orchestra is Kelts’ largest ensemble group. He also teaches Enjoyment of Music, offers conducting classes, viola lessons and is responsible for overseeing and conducting the String Orchestra in addition to the Symphony Orchestra.

“I wish more of the student body would take advantage of our free concerts,” said Kelts. “If you’ve never been, it’s a great experience.”

The Symphony Orchestra concert will be held at White Concert Hall this Friday at 7:30 p.m.