Sinbad returns to Topeka

Ever since David Adkins, professionally known as “Sinbad the Entertainer,” first came to Topeka—the city has been anxiously awaiting his return. This Friday, Nov. 11, marks his official return at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.

Sinbad’s first time in Kansas was when he was stationed in Wichita while serving in the United States Air Force.

“It’s been a while since I’ve come back,” said Sinbad, “I imagine it’s changed quite a lot—I’m definitely looking forward to coming back.”

Sinbad has been performing as a comedian since 1983, when he began his first “Poverty Tour.” Constantly changing hotels, jumping from comedy club to comedy club, Sinbad was hard at work.

“If I’m not funny,” said Sinbad in a joking manner, “I want someone to let me know right away—this is hard work!”

Unlike a handful of comedians today, Sinbad’s show doesn’t consist of any vulgar material or unnecessary profanity—for an hour and a half straight, Sinbad is perfectly clean.

“I want people to be able to bring their entire family to my show,” said Sinbad. “Comedy should be available for everyone.”

To Sinbad, being a comedian is very different from being and actor.

“As a comedian, you have your own feel and your own play on what you’d like to present to your audience,” he said.

Acting is cordially knon as the act of playing a designated character and learning how to portray that character.

There is always a positive and negative side to things, and with comedy, Sinbad enjoys the comedic freedom.

“Comedy will always be my thing,” said Sinbad. “The security checks, airport delays and late nights are just a part of it.”

Currently, Sinbad is making his third stop on his comedy tour.

“I’m currently performing in Las Vegas,” said Sinbad. “But I’m coming to Topeka next and then I’m off to Chicago soon after that.”

Sinbad’s constant travel around the United States has been an experience that he’ll always appreciate with his job.

“Being able to meet my fans like I have and see the world at the same time has been a very worthwhile experience to me,” said Sinbad. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and hope that my fans have as well.”