OPEN teams with Big Brothers, Sisters for food drive

The Washburn Sociology/Anthopology club, OPEN, is teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters, to put on an annual canned food drive sponsored by BBBS and an organization of their choice.

This year, OPEN was chosen as the special group to participate in the activity. However, they realized that there could be a bigger difference made, so they opened the drive up to the entire Washburn community.

“This is an attempt to feed as many families for Thanksgiving that won’t otherwise have anything,” said Jeremy Hoffman, OPEN member.

The acronym, OPEN, stands for “Open Minded, Positive, Equality, Non-Discriminative,” and  is an group that enjoys and is excited to help children that are less fortunate than others. In fact, the organization is involved in quarterly social interactions that give children the opportunity to communicate with others.

“Giving these kids this opportunity increases the chances of kids staying in school and going to college and decreases the chance that they will get into alcohol and drugs,” said Hoffman.

This event will occur on Nov. 18. All canned food items are asked to be brought to the sociology/anthropology department in Henderson 218.

OPEN invites anybody wanting to join to come and interact and focus on issues about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender  issues. However, people do not have to be a part of the LGBT community to join.

“Honestly, if someone is upset with something, they can just come and vent,” said Hoffman. “We’re great at sitting and listening to problems.”

OPEN also puts on other events, too. Currently, it has a movie night and  has shown the films “Two Spirits” and “The Business of Fancy Dancing.”

Also, they complete community service every month for several different organizations. This most recent was the Monday Night Art Walk in downtown Topeka.

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to do things for these kids, but never had the opportunity or enthusiasm,” said Hoffman. “Everybody has the opportunity now, so please come help support.”

For more information, contact Jeremy Hoffman at 785-670-1608.