B.T. comedian in town

When life has a person down in the dumps and feeling like there is no escape a person might turn to many different things. Psychiatrist, chocolate or talking to friends might be some solutions.

Another solution might be to go see a comedian that will help the person laugh their problems away. Washburn is giving people that opportunity.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the comedian B.T. will be performing live in the Washburn Room. It begins at 7 p.m.

Sponsored by the Washburn University Campus Activites Board, Mary Bannwarth,  director of talks and topics, and Richard Kelly, varieties and entertainment director, saw B.T. last year at a Campus Activities Board National Showcase and thought he would be an outstanding act to bring to Washburn’s campus.

“He was a great performer,” said Bannwarth. “As a comedian, it can be hard to engage the audience, but he was able to keep us laughing and involved almost the entire time.”

Not only is he considered hilarious, he also has experience from comedy that intends to keep audience deeply interested.

According to SelectComedy.com, B.T. was “born, raised and beaten” in Oklahoma. However, it was not until college when he first tried his comedic act.

After graduation, from the University of Oklahoma, B.T. went on to live in Chicago and Dallas before settling down in Los Angeles. This is where he started touring and working his name into spotlights across the country.

Since settling down, B.T. has performed in over 43 states and three countries. Not only has he starred in comedy, but he has a love for acting in T.V. shows and movies, his most recent being “Suckers” on HBO.

However, it is his comedy style that “crosses all boundaries” that may click with college students, as well.

“He is used to performing for college students,” said Bannwarth. “He knows exactly what he has to bring to entertain them.”

So if one is down in the dumps and needs a good place to laugh, B.T. will be in the Washburn Room Thursday at 7 p.m.