The Break Room keeps laughter alive in Topeka

Local Comedy Comedians from around the area have a place closer to home to tell their jokes. The Break Room welcomes more to join, especially college students from Washburn.

To some, laughter can be the best cure for a boring weekend. Topekans recently had a chance to get a little “comedy medicine.”

Since May, The Break Room Metro Eatery has been the site of monthly standup comedy shows. Known as, “So U think U R Funny,” the shows have been a place for aspiring standup comedians to grow their talent in a local environment.

The show initially started up as part of Top City Thursdays, an event that occurs weekly during the warm months of the year, highlighting local businesses and artistic talents. Now that the cold of fall and winter is approaching, the troupe of comedians has moved their show to the weekend with First Saturdays.

“The opportunity to give local talent a venue to work on their material is something that we wanted to provide,” said Vicki Trembly, host of the monthly show. “It’s tough to break into the Kansas City comedy circuit, so this provides a familiar, safe place for comedians to put together some work and get the face time in front of audiences.”

Among the comedians, Brad Metzger is a leading force in keeping the laughter alive in the capital city. Metzger has worked at recruiting local talent to help fill the lineup every month.

“We would love to have students from Washburn come down and help fill in the show,” said Metzger. “We want to show people that Topeka has a sense of humor and can be just as entertaining as any other city.”

Those in attendance last Saturday expressed their desire to see the concept continue to grow as a part of nightlife in Topeka.

“I love coming down here and laughing for a couple of hours,” said John Rodgers, Topeka resident. “It’s just another case of an event that we can all enjoy that I think is a great sign for the city.”

For more information, contact The Break Room at 785-215-6633 or visit them online at