Campus leadership class showcases projects

Students enrolled in faculty advisor and teacher, Jeff Mott’s leadership 100 class this semester had the opportunity to showcase projects yesterday in an event titled the “Campus Action Project.”

The showcase was open to public and held in the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center.

Students enrolled in LE 100 were paired together and challenged to come up with a way in which they can make a difference on campus.

The majority of the students who participated in the showcase are incoming freshman or transfer students. For them, this was an opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as interact with their peers in fun and creative ways.

“[The Leadership Campus Action Project] was a way to get these students familiar with campus a little better and get them involved as they go through the leadership process,” said Kelli Coldiron, junior majoring in economics and finance.

Coldiron also expressed the value that participating students get from the presentation itself and the professional experience it derives.

Many students were eager to share their ideas for the Campus Action Project. Kelsey Boss, freshman majoring in legal studies, and her partner chose to continue the idea of former student Vonnita Elliot, “From One Bod To Another.” It is meant to help supply items to students in need. Another group came up with the idea to install more security cameras in the school parking lots. These projects and many more were all a part of student-made ideas this semester.

Washburn’s campus as well as the students involved received numerous benefits from the project as it comes to a close.

“I believe it helps one take action for something they believe can help,” said Andrew Walker, freshman double majoring in accounting and political science.

This was the third semester for the Campus Action Project. Last year was the first for the project. Over the past year, the Leadership Institute has helped to shape campus involvement and bring about lasting growth in students.

“It is a great learning opportunity that allows you to learn more about yourself and help others,” said Boss.