Group exercise classes available at SRWC


With classes piling up, work hours steadily taking over and sleep hours slowly melting away, students rarely have time to exercise they way they want to.

The Washburn University Student Recreation and Wellness Center has a simple solution to that question—combine class and cardio and participate in a group exercise next semester.

SRWC assistant director Ben Saathoff recommends students interested in group exercise should try each class one time, if not twice.

“You will not be able to determine what class you would like to attend if you do not know try them,” said Saathoff.

Classes available at the SRWC currently are core strength, cycling, cycling-n-body, dance shop, gleek riders, pilates, power yoga, rock bottom, step-n-sculpt, upper cut, yoga and the ever-popular zumba.

The core strength class offers 25 minutes of strengthening and sculpting abdominal muscles.

Cycling is a 50-minute, nonstop class that will have medium-to-high intensity terrains to climb.

Cycling-n-Body is a cycling class combined with a full body toning workout.

The dance shop class is a 25-minute aerobics class that offers a total body toning workout as well.

Gleek Riders, is a comfort and cardio class where students will watch the latest episode of Fox’s television hit, Glee, while cycling on the commercial breaks.

Pilates is a core strength class that emphasizes the balance development of the body.

Power Yoga is probably the most traditional course offered that combines with dynamic exercise.

Rock Bottom focuses completely on lower body strength, centering around the leg muscles.

The Step-n-Sculpt class is a great balance of cardio and strength training with aerobics and sculpting split into two parts.

Upper Cut is a 25-minute complete upper body workout.

Zumba, a very popular course this year at the Rec Center, is a combination of Latin and other international music split into dance routines with aerobic and fitness interval training. (Bring a water bottle to this class.)

Kelsey Schweer, a freshman communications major, has thoroughly enjoyed Zumba so far this semester.

“Zumba has a way of keeping your energized and you have a blast doing it,” said Schweer. “You get as much of a workout in Zumba as you do when your doing just a regular workout anywhere else in the Rec Center, I love it.”

With the classes scheduled to change times for the spring semester, this would be the perfect time to look further into the courses.

“We are trying to meet every students needs,” said Saathoff, “We want everyone to enjoy a class in the same, if not different, way.”