New director of ISS enjoys WU’s environment


After a long search, the new chief 
information officer (CIO) and director of information systems and 
services (ISS) at Washburn has been named. Floyd Davenport has filled these positions and has now been at Washburn for three weeks.

“In my past, I’ve worked at some larger institutions, such as Iowa State University and Illinois State University,” said Davenport. “Coming to a school that focuses on teaching has been refreshing for me, and I’m enjoying that immensely.”

Davenport was an IT (information technology) individual coming out of college, and with the United States Air Force on his mind, Davenport enlisted.

“I was in the Air Force for about eight years in information technology,” said Davenport.

The Air Force and the educational community had something in common to Davenport.

“Both communities’ tight knit experiences are what drew me into pursuing education,” said Davenport. “I enjoy that aspect of it.”

From there, Davenport and his wife moved to Illinois after he was hired by Illinois State University, and he stayed in a position for educational outreach for 10 years.

Then, with a new opportunity, Davenport and his wife moved again when he was offered a position with Iowa State University, where he also stayed for 10 years.

Davenport saw this opportunity at Washburn as a complete benefit.

“I saw this opportunity as being a good educational position fitting my background and the things I wanted to do in an educational environment,” said Davenport.

Jerry Farley, president of Washburn University, commended Davenport on being chosen for the position.

“We did an exhaustive national search to try and find the right person,” said Farley. “It took a long time.”

Farley described the position as both long and strenuous.

“We had an interim consultant during that long period of time that did a great job, but it also gave us an opportunity to see what kind of person we really wanted to have,” said Farley. “We interviewed the final candidates, and Mr. Davenport did a superb job in his interview. I think that when he walked away from campus, the people that I heard from were all pretty much unanimous that he would be a great selection for us to have.”

Both the ISS staff members and Farley agree that Davenport is an excellent addition to Washburn.

“With everything that we expected him to be able to do, we’re real happy that he’s here and are looking forward to working with him now and more in the future,” said Farley.