Skydrive one amongst a crowd of many

Rob Burkett

As education continues to evolve in a technology driven world, Microsoft has come up with a product designed to give students tools that will ease strain and increase collaboration.

Skydrive is a software program that brings several features to the table. Using a synergistic approach with existing products like Hotmail, Xbox Live, Word and OneNote, the Seattle based company is looking to compete against a lively marketplace.

Competitor and search engine giant Google has rolled out a set of programs in Chrome, Docs and Gmail that work in a similar fashion as what Microsoft has.

What makes Skydrive different is that there are more outlets to access the program from and it dovetails well with offline software products that students access most often like Word. In fact one of the more attractive features is being able to share Word documents with several people at the same time, allowing group members to do editing to the document remotely.

With the intense and diverse schedules of college students this feature is a must in an evolving technology world.

The other thing that Microsoft has gone to pains to include is a mobile access feature. Many of the most popular smartphone platforms have apps designed specifically to get a lot of the same functionality that a user would get on the desktop version. One can look at and even upload new documents from their phone to Skydrive, making the inspirational thought on the morning bus ride into a prepared document sent into the creative forum that Skydrive provides.

For those students that are interested in getting more information. Check out this website to see if this is the program for you.