The Break Room helps comedy scene grow in Topeka

Local Comedy Comedians from around the area have a place closer to home to tell their jokes. The Break Room welcomes more to join, especially college students from Washburn.

The Break Room, 911 S. Kansas Ave., has been entertaining guests recently with a series of comedies shows entitled “So U Think U R Funny?”.

The comedy show takes place the first Friday of every month and begins at 8 p.m. Vicki Trembly is titled as the “resident comic” and helped develop the idea for the show. She has now become the host and enthusiast for the future of this comedic performance.

The hope is that The Break Room can inspire more college students to get out there and get involved in the show. Trembly has a history in theatre performance and also a part of Topeka Civic Theatre’s Laughing Matters crew.

“It’s an addiction really,” said Trembly, “I need to feel the lights, hear the laughter and feel the energy. I need it to survive like a vampire needs blood.”

Even for first time comedians, “So U Think U R Funny?” is a chance to give comedy a chance or improve a natural comedic skill while allowing others to enjoy themselves as well. The Break Room offers a variety of options for a short show including a video screen and sound system.

“I love seeing the new people work on their act and watching them grow; I feed on their excitement,” said Trembly. “Whatever kind of show you want, we should be able to make it work; also, Chris is great about giving aspiring comics tips on how to approach a club owner about putting on a show.”

Vicki has also been offered a chance at doing a murder mystery and other radio shows to compliment the comedy show. Comedians willing to give the show a shot also are given a video of their set. This allows them to see their performance as well as the way the audience chose to react to them and hopefully gives them an insight on how they could better enhance their talent.

Topeka has come a long way in comedy. At one point there were truly no places to do comedy with the closest available places in Kansas City. Comedy has opened up to the Topeka public recently and is growing in number allowing a wider audience to come sit down for a drink and laugh through the night.

“I hope any aspiring comics, anyone who has ever thought “Hey, I’m as funny as that guy!” will come out and show us they’re funny,” said Trembly.