LYFT and Uber safety tips

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Alyssa Storm, Washburn Review Editor in Chief

Uber and LYFT are essentially the same company; offering car rides to anyone who doesn’t want to use a taxi or wants a cheaper alternative to a taxi.

Anyone with a driver’s license and an updated vehicle can become a driver – providing jobs for millions. There are background checks conducted. These companies have been in operation for roughly ten years. Although these companies are employing millions of drivers, there are risks to getting in a car with a driver that you don’t know. 

When you order an Uber or LYFT car, there is a picture of the driver, car and license plate number that is provided for customers so they know what to look for when their car arrives. Uber tracks the car and notifies you when the driver is one minute away.

Before you request a driver make sure to look carefully at their profile to make sure they have good ratings and reviews.

Wait for your car in a well-lit area to make it more difficult for the driver to do anything suspicious. When the car arrives, ask the driver to state his/her name to ensure that they know you are the customer they are picking up. Wear your seat belt and be courteous. It is always safer to ride with at least one more person as there is strength in numbers.

If you do have to ride alone, consider sitting in the back so you can have two ways of exiting the car instead of one. It also provides additional distance between you and the driver.

Trust your gut. If you are getting that feeling for a reason, or you feel something is out of the ordinary, trust yourself and get out of the situation as soon as you can. Rate your driver every time, good or bad for future customers.

Edited by Wesley Tabor, Adam White