New professor has positive outlook

New professor has positive outlook

The education department continues to embrace upper level learning as they added Scott Myers to their faculty last fall.

Myers teaches graduate level classes to those students wishing to go on to further their studies in the education field in the areas of superintendent work. The current classes that he teaches are offered in the evenings.

Graduating from a masters program in building administration at Washburn and then receiving a doctorate in education leadership from Kansas State University, Myers focuses his class values on the prospect of continuous growth and reflection in learning.

After receiving his masters, Myers served as a high school English teacher, principal and superintendent as he is also a native of Kansas and grew up in the Topeka school district.

One of the many reasons that Washburn was a good opportunity for Myers was its close proximity to where he and his family already live. Because of this, he can easily be a professor at Washburn without having to relocate his wife and children, one of whom is still going through junior high.

When it comes down to it though, Myers feels that there are many reasons and inspirations that led him to becoming a professor.

“I get excited about new learning,” said Myers. “One of my passions for life is to continue to grow academically and intellectually, and it really fits to serve as a professor since that is one of my true passions.”

Myers believes that public education is one of the number one ways to truly keep alive our nation’s democracy and hopes to start each of his students on this journey through leadership.

“I’m really drawn to Washburn and the department of education’s drive towards education in reflective practitioners,” said Myers. “It is something I want to instill in my students, because we’re not going to grow if we don’t reflect.”

Also reflected in Myers goals was to “help build capacity of the next generation of school leaders” while he teaches at Washburn. Starting off as an adjunct professor a few years back, Myers just recently became a contracted professor. He hopes to renew his contract at the end of the year and continue on the path of being a fulltime professor in the education department.