Dodgeball tournament helps ‘dodge’ AIDS

The Washburn Black Student Union is sponsoring a dodgeball tournament April 28 at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Tournament time is starting at noon, but teams can register all the way up to game time.

Teams must consist of 7 players with the option of 2 alternates. There are already three teams, with the hope that three more join before the 28. Teams can sign up on game day or can sign up all week long in the student union from 11-1.

This tournament is not just there to let students have fun, but to spread the awareness of a growing issue in today’s society.

“We’re working with the Topeka AIDS Project to help sponsor an event that spreads awareness of what AIDS are and what they are doing to people across the world,” said Porchia Brown, president of the Washburn Black Student Union.

This is the perfect timing as it will be occurring right in the middle of National AIDS Awareness week.

Every member of the organization has come together to advertise and prepare every factor needed to make a successful dodgeball tournament. They are seem extremely excited to get the students together for fun and facts about AIDS.

“The group consists of mostly African-American students, but is not just limited to them,” said Dona Walker, event sponsor. “Anybody interested in African-American studies can join.”

Not only is Walker the organization’s sponsor, but  is also the head  director of multicultural affairs. She is passionate about cultures and their ability to keep cultures alive in today’s age.

The dodgeball tournament is not the only activity the black student union participates in. They have many fundraisers, community service projects and leadership conferences, as well as participating in other groups’ events.

However, the dodgeball tournament gave the group the ability to have a purposeful event with an extremely fun twist in it.

“With all the other tournaments like basketball and bowling, we figured why not dodgeball?” said Brown. “Everybody likes it and hopefully we get the turnout.”