Amanda from afar: Japanese baseball culture

Beer and baseball: You can expect to pay about $8 for a beer overseas.

Amanda Zoetmulder

Tokyo, Japan… wow, what a place!

A trip to Tokyo would not be complete without seeing the Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball team live in action. The Tokyo Yakult Swallows are in the heart of Tokyo surrounded by commercial areas in the region, according to the Tokyo Yakult Swallows English page.

A ticket is around $52. Games are for all ages, however, expect there to be plenty of beer drinking. Beer is about $7-8, there is snacks and concessions, which are about $7-8 too. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of money. I would bring at least $100 to the game – depending on how much you plan to eat and drink, or if you want to buy souvenirs.

Consider purchasing a Tokyo Yakult Swallows umbrella to immerse yourself in the Japanese baseball culture. At Swallows’ games, the fans raise umbrellas in the air every time the team scores. It is fascinating and something one must experience while visiting Tokyo. Umbrellas are a long-lasting tradition of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

Expect the crowds to be ecstatic but also respectful. The fans for the Swallows are intense and love to cheer. They even bring instruments and create a band section. The fans for each team are separated and respectful of one another. Home-team fans go crazy while their team is up to bat, but the opposing team’s fans are silent – and vice versa.

If you go during the summer, expect it to be hot and humid so wear something that you don’t mind sweating in and bring lots of sunscreen.

Edited by Wesley Tabor, Adam White,