‘You’ season 2 review

Bingeworthy: ‘You’ is a love-thriller that focuses on a main character, Joe, who has a strange relationship with love and death. There is no official news on a release date for season 3.

Alyssa Storm, Washburn Review Editor in Chief

The day after Christmas many people signed into NETFLIX to binge watch Joe Goldberg find “true love” once again.

Sept. 9, 2018, Joe Goldberg [played by Penn Badgley] entered our lives, using his charm to trick his way into the worst decisions one can devise.

In season one, Joe works his way into the heart of Beck [played by Elizabeth Lail] the love of his life. We soon realize what causes Joe to act protective; his ex-girlfriend Candace Stone [played by Ambyr Childers]. In trying to protect and keep Beck – Joe does everything wrong – which inevitably leads to Beck’s death. Joe gets off scot-free, but the presence of Candace presents some remorse and discomfort.

Dec. 26, 2019 is when season two of the NETFLIX-thriller series released.

Joe tries to start fresh in Los Angeles with a new name and new agenda. Love Quinn [played by Victoria Pedretti] is introduced as the new love interest. Joe wants to turn his life around – saying goodbye to his past. Joe makes friends with his apartment neighbors Delilah [played by Carmela Zumbado] and Ellie [played by Jenna Ortega] as well as Forty Quinn [played by James Scully] who is Love’s twin brother, Joe’s boss and soon to be business partner. 

Again, ‘You’ presents plenty of crime, lust and action. In season one, we got flashbacks of Joe and Candace’s relationship that explained why Joe was cautious and aware of his surroundings. In season two, we get to look deeper into Joe’s mind – revealing the pain that drove him to become Mr. Mooney in the first place. 

Joe and Love go through the ups and downs of any romantic relationship. Love’s fame and money, and Joe’s secrets complicate things. Before any climatic struggles can occur, Candace Stone appears. Candace gets close to Joe in an attempt to show the world his true self but Joe manipulates his way out of it.

Season two ends in an unpredictable way while tying up all the loose ends when Joe moves from New York to Los Angeles. A season 3 of “You” is rumored from the NETFLIX community.

Edited by Wesley Tabor, Adam White