Chase Brill leads Washburn men’s tennis


Chase Brill started playing tennis at the young age of 13, and up until that time he was competitively playing soccer. Soon after discovering tennis, Brill quickly gave up soccer and pursued tennis wholeheartedly. Brill began practicing with his dad, but his talent quickly surpassed his father’s.


Brill’s father played collegiate and semi pro soccer, which fueled his early desires for soccer. In regards to tennis, Brill was more individualistic, saying “It is a way to do my own thing.”


After beginning at Washburn, Brill said he was shocked at the level of intensity and talent he now was a part of. Soon Brill began to prove himself at the college ranks, earning many accolades including the MIAA Co-Freshman of the Year honor.


Brill continuously talked about how close knit his team is, and said he feels like the men’s tennis team is the closest sports team on campus. When asked about a typical practice, Brill said during the offseason they mainly focus on strength, conditioning and developing good mechanics. During the season, they play more realistic games against their teammates to sharpen their game-like situation skills. “In season days are hectic and full of either schoolwork or tennis,” said Brill.


Brill explained that he is very active, and sometimes can’t stop moving. “I have a hard time sitting still or not doing anything, I’m constantly doing something and feel weird if I’m not doing anything,” said Brill.


Brill is majoring in international business marketing while also developing an app and starting a business. Brill said those who do not follow tennis regularly should know a few things about the sport.


“When you watch tennis on TV, looks so easy from the pros, but when you go out there, you realize how difficult it is, because there is so much technique that goes into it that’s not natural,” said Brill. “Tennis is looked at as a really quiet and polite sport but it’s the complete opposite in college. You’ll see guys yelling at each other and it’s really loud.”


Brill has high hopes for this year’s tennis team and wanted to highlight the team’s mental toughness. Brill said when his teammates have confidence in him it gives him confidence to perform at his highest level. 


Edited by Adam White, Jada Johnson, Jason Morrison