Hartley’s Landscapes displayed

Art has a way of showing an artist’s personality and the way a person expresses their personality through art can speak to other people. David Hartley, artist and adjunct instructor in the art department displays this in his show “David Hartley’s Landscape Drawings” which will be on display in the lobby of the Georgia Neese Gray Theatre on the Washburn University campus until Oct. 26.

Hartley was asked to display his work by Lynn Wilson because there was an opening before the next scheduled exhibit in the lobby.

Hartley’s work has been  on display at the theatre lobby since late August. There are many things that may inspire artists and they come-out in an artist’s work.

“There was not one specific thing that inspired me to draw landscapes but I am interested in working in a subject matter that has a lot of motion in it,” said Hartley. “It lets me investigate movement and rhythm and I began working with landscape drawing when I was in college.”

Hartley’s initial interest in landscape drawing occurred during his time at Kansas University.

“Even when I am working with abstract art, my landscape experiences come through,” said Hartley.

The art in Hartley’s show spans from 1999  to 2008. Any new art is not ready for display, according to Hartley.

The theatre lobby displays  a variety of art throughout much of the school year.

For more information on “David Hartley’s Landscape Drawings” contact Lynn Wilson, theatre facilities technician, at (785) 670-1770. Or just visit the Georgia Neese-Gray Washburn University Theatre Lobby to view Hartley’s drawings between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.