WU’s ‘Safe Ride’ still on the road

AJ Dome / Washburn Review


That’s the number Washburn students can call if they need a “safe ride” home after a night out. Washburn’s Safe Ride service is a partnership between Capitol City Taxi and Washburn Student Government Association. The service is available for students between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. throughout the school year.

“This program’s been around longer than I’ve been here, and I’ve been in this position for seven years” said Kevin Moten, manager of Capitol City Taxi.

According to the Safe Ride program’s web page, there are some requirements for using the service:

-Students must show their WU ID.

-Only one ride per night is allowed.

-Allow 30 minutes for the taxi to arrive. Charges are still given for no-shows.

-Rides are only given from drinking establishments back to the student’s residence. A student cannot get a ride from one bar to another. They have to go home.

“I’ve taken a bunch of students home before using Safe Ride,” said Moten. “Most of the kids I’ve driven are great, and very thankful.”

WSGA’s budget director Jessie McGown receives the bill from the taxi service, and WSGA pays the tab. The bill has the names of students who use the service each month.

“That’s probably a lot of money,” said Roberto Brown, a sophomore vocal performance major. “My dad used to be in the cab business. I know that taxis are not cheap.”

McGown will review the bill for signs of abuse–names that show up frequently, or in regular intervals. If abuse is occurring, that particular student’s privileges will be revoked-“you abuse, you lose.”

According to Moten, the benefits of Safe Ride outweigh the cost.

“What’s more expensive, a cab bill or a DUI?” said Moten. “We hope to help out all of the students that call us.”

Moten said he is “very honored” to be part of this program, and he wishes more students would participate in Safe Ride.