DNP: Washburn hires new member of OSID

Savannah Workman, Journalist


Learning how to make connections to become a member of society with a job is what college students yearn for.

Isaiah Collier, the newly appointed Director of Student Involvement at Washburn, provides opportunities connecting students to professors and beyond.

Collier’s new job takes into effect Jan. 27, replacing Jessica Barraclough who left in December to join the United Way of Greater Shawnee County, according to the WU announcement sent by Vice President of Student life, Eric Grospitch.

“I did my research about the institution,” said Collier. “It’s a prestigious university and I looked at it [the new job] as a great opportunity to further my career in student affairs in higher education. Washburn was very attractive and I applied.”

Collier is finishing up his transition at Missouri Western University as Assistant Dean of Student Development. Collier has earned both his Bachelor of Arts in social work and a Masters of Education, Higher Education Administration focus, from the University of Akron making him fit for the job.

“Isaiah brings experience with campus activities, student organizations, Greek Life and student government,” said Grospitch. “We were incredibly fortunate that a professional with his background and experiences have chosen to join our team.”

Collier will advise the Washburn Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and student organizations management. Collier has a unique job that creates bridges between students and staff, one foot in each door, pulling potential from every corner.

“It’s something that I currently do now,” said Collier. “You have to abdicate on behalf of students and I think that’s part of my job. But you also have to be willing to work with staff and build and cultivate those relationships.”

Collier’s focus is on student needs and raises expectations of students learning outside of a classroom setting with enriching experiences. His goal is to develop students into the leaders he knows they can be.

“I have a passion for working with students,” said Collier. “My goal is to help students as they matriculate to college in hopes to prepare them to be global citizens who are ready to be productive members of society.”

Helping students and ensuring the well-being of students is what Collier’s department thrives in.

Edited by Adam White,