Washburn Tech paints mural

Review Staff

Laura Engelhardt is painting a new mural, which is almost finished, on Washburn Tech’s campus.

 This project started as a way to beautify the main building on campus by transforming it from a traditional looking school to a more accommodating, interactive and high-tech institute of technology.  Clark Coco, the new Dean at Washburn Tech, believes that revitalizing and updating the atmosphere of Washburn Tech is an important step in helping students and others realize the bright future that can be reached with a technical certificate or degree.

The mural project started with completion of a simple one; of a single tree, in the Little Learners Center area near the Child Care program.  From there, an entire wall of lockers was removed, and several Washburn Tech departments combined to prepare the area for a full mural to be created.

The mural itself is a panorama of an imagined Kansas landscape.  It starts in a forested area, moves out across flint hills and plains, with a lonely Kansas highway cutting through. Wind turbines, and stripper wells follow a fence line into the distance. It leads to more “tamed” farmland – complete with an old fashioned windmill – that segues into suburban sprawl and a fantasy city scape with high rises and towers, walls of windows reflecting sky.  The city then morphs into a more futuristic style, with domed pleasure gardens looming at the edge of space.

 The finished mural will encompass over 100’ in length and even extends across the hallway ceiling, stretching between the Child Care and Surgical Technology programs.  Finishing touches will be put on before the end of the year.

To learn more about Washburn Tech visit their website at www.washburntech.edu.