Mock Trial places second in Mo. competition

Washburn’s Mock Trial students pose for a photo with their awards Oct. 20, 2012. Their competition took place at Northwest Missouri State, but the team travels across the country to compete.

AJ Dome Washburn Review

One of Washburn’s Mock Trial teams placed second last weekend in a competition at Missouri University in Columbia.

Fourteen people in two teams from the university attended the competition on January 18-19, and one of them placed, giving them a chance at the national competition in Washington, D.C. Multiple individual awards were given to Washburn students in conjunction with the 2nd place finish.

Of notable mention is senior political science major Nic Campbell’s “Outstanding Attorney” award. This is the 11th time he’s won this award, which describes attorneys as having a “near perfect performance.”

“Out of 20 teams, there’s at least three attorneys per team… that works out to 60 to 80 attorneys at competition,” said Campbell. “Ten of them get awards. It’s an intense process.”

Campbell’s mock trial experience is helping to prepare him for law school. 

“Mock trial is exactly like what happens in actual trial,” said Campbell. “You just get up there, and do the best you can. Lots of adrenaline flows; competing against big schools is crazy.”

Washburn’s Mock Trial program is said to develop skills for students who are of course entering into a law school or future career in law, but is also accessible for students who are not a law or political major.

“I thought it was intimidating at first,” said senior biology major Meredith Cline. “It’s a very different feel, being around people who are in competitive majors. But you get to know each other really well.”

Cline has been involved in the mock trial program for one and a half years, compared to Campbell’s four. Cline is Campbell’s expert witness, discussing mostly technical aspects of their case. 

“It’s really fun, and a good way to decide if you want to go into law,” said Cline.

Scholarships are available for students in the mock trial program from the very beginning, and experience in the program aides in applying for schools or law-related jobs. 

“The program’s very accommodating for people, even when they first start,” said Cline. 

Mock trial also offers great opportunities for travel. Some of the most notable locations include St. Louis, Mo., Miami, Fla., St. Paul, Minn., and of course Washington, D.C. Some of the “big schools” Campbell mentioned that Washburn regularly competes against include Harvard, Duke, Iowa, and other much larger, more distinguished Ivy League schools.

“It’s definitely exciting,” said Campbell. “Exciting, helpful, and fun.”

For more information on Washburn’s Mock Trial program, contact James Schnoebelen, Mock Trial Coordinator, in Morgan Hall room 266, or at [email protected].