Shiny Toy Guns offers ‘somewhere to hide’

Mike Goehring

On Feb. 8, alternative/electronic band Shiny Toy Guns graced the stage at the Midland Theater, located at 1228 Main St, Kansas City, MO promoting their latest album titled “III.”

The album was released October 22, 2012 and the band is currently on their first tour for their single “Somewhere to Hide.” The tour consists of a mash up of four bands picked by where Shiny Toy Guns are co-headlining with The Dirty Heads. The tour goes through March 9 with dates across the U.S. at which point keyboardist/bassist Jeremy Dawson and vocalist Carah Faye plan to do interviews in the U.K. to further promote their album.

“Everything from this point is touch and go three months ahead and it kind of depends on how the cards fall as to whether we go hear there or everywhere,” said Dawson. “Carah and I are going to the U.K. in May and do some interviews to set up somewhere to hide there.”

“Somewhere to Hide” is an upbeat Romeo and Juliet themed song about people trying to find somewhere to escape turmoil and be together in peace.

“It’s about wanting to find somewhere to hide because maybe there’s persecution,” said Faye. “Literally anything like your parents don’t want you to be together or your friends are like he’s not the one and you’re like screw it we’re going to find somewhere to be together.”

The band is made up of four members: Carah Faye (vocals), Gregori Chad Petree (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Dawson (bassist/keys), and drummer Mikey Martin who all plan on following the direction of their latest album to wherever it might take them next.

“It’s a new year and a new single it just came out in January,” said Dawson. “So we are just trying to watch that and if that begins to blossom then we will follow that lead and if it goes a different direction then we will go that direction.”

For more information on the band, visit their website at

Mike Goehring, [email protected], is a senior mass media major.