Letting WU know who’s who

Xuelu Pan, Washburn Review

To honor those who were nominated Who’s Who Among Students this year, the Student Activities & Greek Life office at Washburn University will host an award ceremony.

The ceremony was originally scheduled for Feb. 21, but is now rescheduled due to the impending snow storm. Who’s Who will take place at 6 p.m., Feb. 28 in the Washburn Room A.

A group of students will be selected from a list of nominees by the Student Life office to receive the award.

More than 100 guests are expected to attend the award ceremony, most of whom are friends and family members of these students.

Meredith Kidd, dean of students from the Student Life Office, will make a brief opening speech followed by the award recognition. Each award winner will receive a certificate in honor of their performances in academics and leadership.

Who’s Who Among Students Award honors top students from universities and colleges. The program was created by a student at the University of Alabama who actively participated in extra-curriculum activities. The main goal of this program is to recognize students for their academic accomplishments and leadership contributions without any entry fees.

The award examination process commences each fall by almost all individual schools across the United States. A campus nominating committee is appointed to check all the applicants and make judgments. In Washburn, undergraduate students who have earned at least 88 credits and maintain an average GPA of over 3.0 are eligible to compete for the Who’s Who award. Students are recommended by faculty members, then they are required to fill out application forms and present their own resume. All the recipients have the opportunity to win the national scholarship provided by Who’s Who as well. Last year, three students won generous scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000.

“Our nominating committee is still working on their final decisions, but we will soon inform the award winners and send out invitations,” said Angela Valdivia, office assistant of Student Activities & Greek Life.

The campus nominating committee composed of representatives from Washburn’s faculty are still checking all the applications and will select about 15 to 16 students.

“It’s a prestigious award for college students and might be very helpful in one’s resume,” said Valdivia. “Except for the basic requirements such as completed credits and GPA, we will judge mainly by how much they are involved both in community and on campus and their leadership skills.”

Through years of serving higher education, Who’s Who Among Students inspires students to work their best. As one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation, Who’s Who is still endeavoring to make its program more effective. Up until now, this exclusive honor is conferred by more than 2,842 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

For more information about the Who’s Who Among Students, please visit the official website http://www.whoswhoamongstudents.com/. Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges, the biographical volume that honors most noteworthy award recipients is still available in the online store.