Lincoln lecture on Wednesday, focuses on slavery in the Civil War

At 7 p.m. Feb. 6, Washburn University will host Manisha Sinha, an adjunct professor of history and professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts.

At her home university, Sinha teaches a variety of courses focusing on slavery in the Civil War, including African-Americans and the movement to abolish slavery, the Civil War and reconstruction, the history of the south from the 

Colonial Period to 1900, and the politics of slavery and the coming of the Civil War. Sinha will be using her expertise on the subject matter and her time at Washburn to give a presentation on “Race and Equality in the Age of Lincoln” as a part of the Lincoln Lectures leading up to the campus’ sesquicentennial in 2015.

Sinha was born in India, but went on to get her doctorate from Columbia University in 1994, where her dissertation was nominated for the Bancroft prize. She is also a published author, having written The Counterrevolution of Slavery: Politics and Ideology in Antebellum South Carolina and To Live and Die in the Holy Cause: Abolition and the Origins of America’s Interracial Democracy.  In addition to her literary contributions, Sinha also consulted on the script, as well as acted as a feature commentator, for The Abolitionists, which is an episode of PBS’s American Experience series.